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Helping B2B companies
unlock the value of Great Marketing:

Compel your customers to reach out to you

Show your employees the value of what they do

Communicate that value to more effectively sell


Great Marketing is key to growth. You must understand your customers’ pain and speak to it in a clear and compelling way.

It’s not easy…. How do you make complex offerings “relatable” to your clients? You need someone who can bridge the gap between “geek speak” and the language of business.


Great Marketing saves you time and multiplies your results:

By helping your team gain a crystal-clear understanding of the value
that you bring to your customers

By helping your sales team communicate that value, simply and powerfully

By creating compelling marketing and sales content


Great Marketing helps you gain confidence in your marketing investments —
putting your dollars into the right things, and knowing that they deliver results.

No one does it alone.

The best brands bring in outside help for a fresh perspective, to get it done, and to free up more time to focus on other urgent needs.

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Our Marketing Services

Strategic Messaging:

Do prospects call you, hungry for your services?
They should.

Marketing Content:

Does your writer truly understand what they are writing about?
Your customers can tell!

Video Production

Do your videos make an impact? Do they drive your customer to action?
A clear goal and effective storytelling make all the difference.

Campaign Management:

Who has time for marketing? What are you trying to achieve?
We’ll keep things on track.

Sales Enablement:

Is your sales team successful in selling what you need them to sell?
Make sure that they have a clear vision and the tools they need.

Executive Communications:

How do top executives lead the business AND their industry?
They rely on our help.

Analyst Relations & PR Support:

What do industry analysts and the press say about you?
Improve your image with your prospects.

What Our Clients Say…

Leanne Van Emburg

Bill Van Emburg


Leanne and Bill Van Emburg each began their careers as technologists, working for many years in application development, operations, security and infrastructure. Eventually, they each founded their own technology
consulting firms.

As serial entrepreneurs, they have built and sold several technology businesses. During that time, they learned and honed the art of Great Marketing, specifically within the technology space.

Today, Van Emburg Marketing brings that blend of technical understanding and entrepreneurial experience to our clients. We work strategically with some of the largest global technology firms, where our experience living in their customers’ shoes allows us to bring an uncommon perspective to their marketing efforts.

Our team of marketing professionals all share that same technology focus, with extensive experience in journalism, PR, video services, analyst relations and global campaign management. We partner with our clients, driving forward their agenda so that they can focus on growing their business.


Strategy Message Content

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